Summer Ball Program

The Emery Community is proud of its Summer Recreation Program.  Eleven members make up the Emery Summer Recreation Board that hires coaches, supervises the programs, operates the concessions with the parents' help and organizes fundraisers.  The summer recreation program includes baseball and softball programs for children ages 5 through 18.  The baseball program features several teams including two peewee teams, two midget teams and two VFW teener teams.  The softball program hosts an 8 and under team, a 10 and under team, a 12 and under team, a 14 and under team, and an 18 and under team.  Starting in May and concluding at the end of July, all teams play home games as well as travel to other towns.

Approximately 115 youth participate in the Emery Summer Recreation program and the older youth are often hired as assistant coaches and helpers.  The softball and baseball games provide entertainment for the entire community.  The ballpark becomes the social center during the summer months. 

The main fundraising event is the local Emery Summer Recreation Golf Tournament, which is held in August.  Teams of four compete in a fun golf tournament to earn prizes donated by various community businesses and individuals. 

Most recently an additional playing field was added adjacent to the existing field.  Community support will continue to make this a success.  The City of Emery proudly supports the Summer Recreation Program.