CIty Council Meeting Agenda for September 14, 2020

Emery City Council Meeting
7 pm - city office

Call to Order
Approval of Agenda
Approve Minutes of the Regular Meeting on August 10, 2020
Public Comment
Daycare Report
* Financials-Tuition-Enrollment
* Approval for increase in credit limit to $1,500.00 on city card
* New Hires
     Kristen Marken (part time and cook $9.30/hour)
     Karesse Waldner (full time infant/toddler provider $9.30/hour)
     Alyssa Pollster (full time infant/toddler teacher $9.30/hour)
          Bringing infant with her
*Cindy Resignation (October 31, 2020)
Maintenance Report
Finance Officer Report
* Bills, Letters and Reports
* Employee Personnel Handbook revision
* CRF Reimbursement
Old Business
*Budget Appropriations Ordinance No. 2020-05 2021 - 2nd Reading & Adoption
*Golf Cart Ordinance No. 2020-06 - 2nd Reading & Adoption
New Business
*Nuisance Properties
*Building Permit Lynn Murtha (moving shed)
*Shed for pump system at pool
Other Council Concerns
Executive Session (if needed)
Next Council Meeting is Monday October 12, 2020 at 7:00 pm